1. Sam knew that, despite all the plaudits, a career in BMX media was never forever. Here he is preparing for a life after zines and internet-based wit.

  2. This is(n’t) Word, it’s a wallride.


  5. but would you/please keep the noise/down low?/because you’re waking/the lazy sunbathers

  6. When in Burnley…

  7. Bowie, Manchester, 1972

  8. Mystery Platt’s prowess-er with added bonus points extra of mystery deck horner?

    I’ll give you a clue…it’s not Sam…or Adam.

  9. Skatepark Sam with the elusive up-around-down at Gorton’s premier danger zone. For more pics and info of Gorton, plus numerous other controlled-explosion-zones, check out Sam’s handy skatepark guide in Urban Mist 4.